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Once marked I'll strike you down no matter what...

My apologize for not posting more this month, RL has been such a little troll constantly throwing some very harsh curve balls. I am hoping that next month will be more lenient and I can get back to posting weekly ❤

Body: Sintiklia - Hair Scorpio - Black&white @FetishFair
Outfit: _CandyDoll_Aerissa Set White  [VALE KOER] CRUEL HEELS WHITE 
Accessories:  PHEDORA / Leg Chains Caelia / 5 C.  .aisling. Nura  Suicide Gurls - Corvus Obbiit - Bracelet 1  Suicide Gurls - Corvus Obbiit - Rings RARE Suicide Gurls - Corvus Obbiit - Skull Veil RARE Suicide Gurls - Corvus Obbit - Pads UltraRARE

I till take you down...

Body: {S0NG} :: Juniel // Peach Eye @KawaiiProject AD - proud mary - light blondes @Hairology Suicide Gurls - Melior Unisex Tattoo 
Clothing: Pseudo-Chloe Outfit Top (White) @Kustom9 Pseudo-Chloe Outfit (Bottom) (White) @Kustom9 PHEDORA / Ramona Boots / 30.C @Kustom9
Accessories: Le Morte - Disasterology Glasses - Black @KawaiProject C L A Vv. War Bat Dark Floral @Kustom9 .05 [ kunst ] - Long Cig Holder [plain] @Kustom9

Foxy foxy pet..

Body: [Mello] Meow 'N' Stuff - Pales @MangaFair 01 {Catty-fox} ninetailed fox pastel BOX.::Cubic Cherry::. RARE @GardenGacha [CX] Melted Heart Tongue (Blood) @Uber Suicide Gurls - Anatu Unisex Tattoo GROUPGIFT [CX] Melted Hearts Tattoo - Fullbody @Uber
Outfit: #EMPIRE - Minikini - Maitreya - white @GardenGacha PHEDORA / Stephanie boots / 30 C @Crossroads
Accessories: darkendStare. bear hug claws [white] @MangaFair Le Morte - Chained Lip GROUPGIFT
Decor: {L} Anime Room; Body Pillow @MangaFair {L} Anime Room; Body Pillow 2 @MangaFair {L} Anime Room; Posters @MangaFair {L} Anime Room; Small Shelf UNCOMMON @MangaFair
Pets: Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Battle! (Dark) @GardenGacha Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Lazy Lounge (Dark) @GardenGacha Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Pouty Pants (Dark) @GardenGacha Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Sit (Light) @GardenGacha Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - Prance (Light) @GardenGacha Sweet Thing. FlameTails Static Pet - B…

With you I feel free as a bird in flight...

:::Phoenix::: Gracia Hair Color Mix 
Suicide Gurls - Raina BodySuit @KinkyMonthly =Zenith=Criminal Police Boots (Rose) -Maitreya @Epiphany =Zenith=Criminal Police Short (Rose) -Maitreya @Epiphany
=Zenith=Criminal Police Gloves (Rose) -Maitreya @Epiphany =Zenith=S&M Whip (Rose) @Epiphany
M I L A  p o s e s :: Gift Pack