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Patience is what builds a better kill...

BODY [AK] Kioko Mesh Head Vers. 1.5  Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara  ^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD  :Conviction: Contusion Eyes   TRUTH HAIR Satyra 2 -  black & whites  CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Shattered Existence (v.2) 
CLOTHING -Pixicat- Necromancer.Body (White) @We<3Rp #EMPIRE - Dianella @SALEM
ACCESSORIES  [CX] Bloodbone Cleaver (Blood)  Le Morte - Creature Mask - White  POSES M I L A   p o s e s :: Couple #3  M I L A  p o s e s :: #03

Death to her soul...

BODY +Spellbound+ Blood Moon // Chapter II : Sky @MEMENTOMORI :Conviction: Contusion Eyes @MEMENTOMORI Suicide Gurls - Velius Nailed Bloody Hands&Neck @NIGHTMARE
CLOTHING :Moon Amore: Dark Shreds Dress (Ghost) @MEMENTOMORI
ACCESSORIES [CX] Spiked Gladiator - White ( Maitreya ) @SALEM CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Blind Angel / WHITE @MEMENTOMORI

PET ~silentsparrow~ Imp - Wendi @SALEM

Time and time again...

BODY [RA] Enchantress Hair - Grayscale  .:Soul:. Lickers - Liz  PourQuoiPas Tattoo "Egypt"Fade & Dark 
CLOTHES =Zenith=leather legging with belt (White) @UBER [CX] Cuffed Stole- Snow Fox Fur  Corvus : Black Huntress Shoes 

ACCESSORIES Violetility - Fidem's Crown [Black] @SUICEDOLLZ [CX] Slien Cuff (Black) 
PET *katat0nik* (dark / heart) Tendril Kitty @SANARAE
POSE { Speakeasy } Don't Speak pose  Poseidon Poses Hill Nurse 2  @THENIGHTMARE