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Bunneh Killah! >:)

Oh yeah!! Got to love how well the song goes with this assassin :P Put your hands in the air!! SHE IS GOING TO SHOOT!! She has her finger on the trigger♪♪♫ hahaha ok ok I am done traumatizing you all xD Now to the cute bunny :3

Hair:: !lamb. Oleander - Grayscale Pack
Skin:: [Al Vulo! Skin ] - [ miha] - [ soleil milk ] MSW items
Digi Boots:: *Epic* -Perfect Wardrobe- Doodlebug Boots {Neko/Kitsune} [Vend]
Top:: S H I N E  - Olga Body_Black
Mask:: HC bonestuds mask
Goggles:: ..: Fatal Error :.. Cyber Goggles
Ears & Tail:: :.Envious.: Panic Bunny
Belt:: >> DK << Armed Explosion Belt (female)
Weapons:: Redemption Pistols

I Am Back Baby!! And Better Than Ever :D

Yay!! For new post after so long xD Indeed it has been a while but hey I am back so watch out!! :P A friend and I have started to make shapes so my welcome back post will detail on those awesome shapes we made. Now the song is just perfect for I am madly crazy for my new projects. I just hope you all enjoy them. Would love to know what you think ;)

All shapes have two styles... A Copy only and a Copy/Mod.. And of course their are Demo's so you can see which curvy body best suits your preferences :3
So go check out the stores page!!! woooooo :D -->> ++[AnPuT-LiViNg]++