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My Honor and loyalty to you is endless....

Body: [NANI] Ram.Hair (Greyscale) 
Outfit: PLASTIX - Garden Kimono (Pearl)  [21] {MB} Rounin Geta Ancient 
Accessories: [CX] Sai Kanzashi ( Silver )  -00-Yoko-FoxMask_Red:9  {Ame} umbrellas black pack BOX  .::Cubic Cherry::.  {-Maru Kado-} OO-Uchiwa [Matsuri-White] 
Pet: Air_Nishiki white (1)_TM 
Pose: ! ::M E O W  P O S E S:: Fierce Standing Poses

I want you to touch me....

Body: Lovey Dovey :: Angelica :: Fatpack RARE  G.ID-Kitsune Tattoo  -[TWC]- Paddle Marks. @ROMP 
Clothing: #12 Blueberry - Energy - COMMON - Catsuit - White *M* @Epiphany #15 Blueberry - Energy - COMMON - Boots - White *M* @Epiphany
Accessories: #21 Blueberry - Energy - COMMON - Armlets - Multi Color *M* @Epiphany
Decor: 04:[Sallie/BodyLanguage] Ready for a Date:Arm Chair(W)  <:*BoOgErS*:> Little Pink Bunny  MOoH! Sad Teddy Panda  Foxes - Urban Fallout - Teddy Bruiser worn  *AF* Capturado Vibrator Set 1 
Pose: I wanna be a pet //elephante poses// Electra @ROMP

Waiting for you impatiently...

Tableau Vivant \\ Biraz hair - Blacks+Whites @Kustom9 {S0NG} :: Lumi // Petal Eye @Kustom9 [CX] Noh Eyeliner & Eyebrows @UbumeOrigami
Chemical Princess {Milis Lipstick Black}/ @SuicideDollz
+ Ningyo Obi + {aii} @UbumeOrigami Moon Elixir - Crystal Heart - 15 - Maitreya - Celestial Panties @CrystalHeart #EMPIRE - Alstroemeria @ROMP phedora. Lydia Boots @Kustom9
CURELESS&DISORDERLY / Kitsunetsuki / PLASTIC ROSEWHITE (v.1) @UbumeOrigami ^^Swallow^^ Harl3y Quinn/ SUICIDE bracelet 0.1 @Kustom9

Waiting in our little hell...

Body: [White~Widow] Shallows - White - Arms @Epiphany [White~Widow] Shallows - White - Legs @Epiphany
Outfit: r2 A/D/E seika[black1]Maitreya @Collabor88
Accessories: [CX] Broken Claws (Dark) @Epiphany [CX] Broken Talons (Dark) @Epiphany [CX] Decaying Cuffs (Dark Rust) @Epiphany [CX] Decaying Horn Dark (Dark Rust) @Epiphany [CX] XenoTail ( Black ) v.1.3 @ROMP  [sYs] DEVOTION mask (with HUD) - black @We<3RP
Pose: *Eternal Dream* Exquisite 02

A Present For You...

Exile:: If Your Wild Grayscale @Collabor88 PourQuoiPas Tattoo "Maori neck"  {Luxuria} Rough Night Scratch Marks @ROMP
**RE** Simone Harness Lingerie Pack 1 @ROMP .aisling. Vadna {Leather} @ROMP REIGN.- KENDALL HEELS- CUSTOMIZATION PACK 
phedora. Isidora Bondage Set @ROMP Ama. : Key to my nips : Black @ROMP BOYS TO THE BONE sex choker - black @ROMP
//elephante poses// Electra @ROMP

Always Your Little Angel..

Body: [monso] My Hair - Sinbi /Black & White @Collabor88 ::SG:: VixShadow  Catwa & Classic SL AV @BuyNow .:AS:. Redo Tattoo @BuyNow {S0NG} :: Chin // Candy Eye @CrystalHeart CURELESS [+] Endorphine / SAND (v.1) @We<3Rp
Clothes: Foxes - Sweet Summer - Lara  - Leather @Collabor88
Accessories: Bowtique - Cupid Sunglasses .DirtyStories. Angel Dolls Key .DirtyStories. Cutie Angel Halo @BuyNow .DirtyStories. Dirty Angel Armband
Furniture: Trompe Loeil - Pomeroy Glen Cabin [mesh]@Collabor88 .: AGATA :. BedSet 1NNOVAT1ON 1.1 +Half-Deer+ Kitty Stringlights [Brown Ears] +Half-Deer+ Panda Dango Pouf [box]
Pets: +Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Thinking about Stuff Gacha +Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Play with Me Gacha +Half-Deer+ Chihuahua - Donut Floatie Gacha

On your knees my love...

*~*Damselfly*~*Caley Tuxedo @We<3RP :Z.S: Octavia Eyes V2 @SuicideDollz CURELESS [+] Endorphine / PORCELAIN (v.1) @We<3RP .:::G.ID:::. Muse Tattoo 
Moon Elixir - Glisten Bodysuit - Onyx @MeshBodyAddict -KC- NESSA HIGH BOOTS - MAITREYA, BELLEZA, HOURGLASS, PHYSIQUE

Kitten Needs a New Collar...

Moon. Hair // - B&W - Luna @CrystalHeart
{S0NG} :: Chin // Candy Eye @CrystalHeart
*FM* Persocom Ears Gift
+Half-Deer+ Princess Twinklefluff - Kitty Ears - Diamond @CrystalHeart
[La Baguette] Kanza Full Body Tattoo ~ White @CrystalHeart

-Pixicat- Sailor.Body (White) @CrystalHeart

+Half-Deer+ Princess Twinklefluff - Crystal Heart Necklace @CrystalHeart
+ Clo Cards Set + {aii} @CrystalHeart
{BunBun} Magical Phone - Ribbon White @CrystalHeart
{Rising Moon} halo black .::Cubic Cherry ::. @CrystalHeart

+ Kio Companion + {aii} @CrystalHeart

BEZ! Singles - Selfie package

Scarlet Creative Petite Cabine
+Spellbound+ Willow Pentagram
+Spellbound+ Free Spirit Banner
dust bunny . wanderlust . twig frame
3.DRD LN curtain set
8.-DRD- LN Bed

Hiding beyond our Universe....

Lamb. Bobbi - Light Blonde Pack @Collabor88  .ARISE. Nas Eyes / White @TheFantasyCollectve  .:Avanti:. Sacrilege Horns - Ribbon Black  VCO ~ Bambi Eyelash _ B Tpye NEW
VCO ~ Angie Skin Gacha {007}
VCO ~ Angie Mesh Lip 002 . RARE
r2 A/D/E natsuki boots[sheer]maitreya @Collabor88 r2 A/D/E natsuki[black2]Maitreya @Collabor88