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Oh baby let me show you just how much I want you....

Oh gawsh!! Love this song ♥.♥ Even though it has nothing to do with the new stuff it just inspired me :D hehehehe Okis my peepsters! New stuff for the guys!! Some bad ass winter jackets with tees just in time for ti's season! :P Check them out here --> Marketplace Store (Currently moving my inworld store, as soon as I get it settled I will give out the Url for it)........... Enjoy :)

                                     (Mesh items come in 5 standard sizes  XS S M L and XL)

I am where I want to be...To be the best of me..

Toooo looong! Can you feel it?? ♪♫ hehehe Love Daft Punk!! ♥ Well my peepsters new stuff out and about! Oh yeah ;) Since winter is here and ready to mingle, I made some stuff to keep us warm and fuzzy inside Hahaha We got some plaid long sleeve shirts (mesh) and a cute little Pancho (mesh) with boots(mesh)

  (All clothing mesh come in XS S M L and XL)

Oh hell, how I miss thee

Gawd this song!! :Q___ Makes all the bad in me want to go out and play hehehe :3 New stuff!! Woooo!! Now I got a mix and match set "EvilOne" Corset, skirt and boots.The name says it all and why the song :P All come separate so you can mix and match them to your preference. All are $80L!!!! Oh yes yes! The only one that isn't is the brown skirt that one I reserved it for my group members :3 Yes, it's a group gift hehehe. Also have some bad ass shirts for the guys!!! So time for the awesome pictures \o/
Marketplace store HERE and don't forget to visit the main store inworld!! :D

                (Shirts, corset, and skirt come in XS, S, M, L, and XL Boots are rigged mesh)

I cry... just a little...

When I think of letting go!! ♫♪ Awesome song!!! Loving it :D Well I have a new outfit that this song just goes so well with!!! Check it out --> Here  outfit comes with a top, shorts, fishnets, and the boots!! And now for the awesome pics hehehe ♥

I Could Be Your Girl Girl Girl, But.......

would you love me if I ruled the world world world? ♫♪ Oh yeah ;) Bad ass song! One of my favorites from her. Well my deranged and strangely awesome peeps! I finally got a store inworld!! So go check it out >> Anput Living Inworld Store   Time to check out what is new!!!!! I love Emily the Strange, I used to be so much like her as a teen hahahahaha Besides she has a bad ass cat *w* So with all that love I have for her and her kitties I decided to make something cute yet bad ass like her. I came up with this one of a kind outfit :Q___ Dress (mesh) Boots (mesh) and fishnets (pants and underpants layers)

(Dress comes in XS, S, M, L and XL)
Also just a quick announcement lol New group Gift!!! Those bad ass boots oh yeah!! Free for all my group members :3

That which had gone away but,,,,

Decided to return for everything kept reminding me of you *w* ♫ gawd!! Love that song :D Well I have had too much stuff in RL that has herd me away, but I got my butt here just to make you guys some bad ass stuff before I disappear again lol Today in Mexico is a huge day for it's the most amazing holiday ever! The Day Of The Dead! <3 Indeed I am Mexico and I do celebrate this holiday :P In respect to it I made this dress just for the occasion !

Also I got something for the guys ;) not related to the holiday but it's just epic awesome! Got to love clowns hahahahahahahaha xD!!! (ALL MESH COME IN XS X M L AND XL)

You Are My Life My....

Beautiful diamond in the sky ♥ Loooooove this song!! *w* Ok ok!! New stuff finally done and ready to mingle hehehe :3 I honestly can't live with out music soooooooooooo I have to make an outfit for those music lovers like myself! I made a bad ass outfit, oh yes! an outfit!! There are two versions, a light version and a dark version, both come with two tops and one harem pants ;) I also made the duo pack for those of you who just have to have the entire set :D And now the awesome pics :Q_________ Check them out here ---> My Store!!!

Let's Start With The Party, For.....

I don't wanna stop!!!! \m/♫♪ Oh yeah! :D Gawd, gotta love Ozzy!! Well now to our scheduled news hehehe :P Some new mesh pants for Halloween made especially for the an amazing Halloween Fair in Midnight Nightmare!It will be from October 13th to November 4th
Don't miss it! Many awesome creators shall be there ;) Including yours truly Wooo!!
Also there now is a group in world which has two group gifts available. The group costs only 20L$! Now you can keep up with all the new stuff and get awesome group gifts :3!
I am hoping on getting the inworld store set up and ready to go very soon.

Now for the awesome pictures *w*

(All mesh clothing come in 5 sizes XS, S, M, L, XL)

Normal is just So Lame!

This group is so random and out their you just can't help but love them!! I got so inspired by them that I decided to make some clothes dedicated to them ;) Two new off the shoulder dresses and a hoodie for the guys! Oh yes I finally made some clothes for the Guys lol. Now I have a group on FB so go check it out --> AnPutLiViNg. And before we get to the awesome pictures I also want to tell everyone that I'll be having a group inworld as well as a store. This involves group gifts so keep an eye on that ♥ Now back to our regular show :3 Check them out at my store and get yours today! *w*

(All Mesh items come in 5 sizes XS, S, M, L and XL)