In the end I just don't know what to do.....

This is such a lovely song. A bit nostalgic but still good ♥ I truly hope you guys are enjoying my posts :3 I just have so much bringing new outfits to the table :D

** Phat Azz 
Lolas ::: Tango ::: 
Exile::Stray Wishes Naturals  
Essences ~ Song TDRF *light rose* 01  
Cute Poison - Quixotic Piercings  

.S&C. Leri 
LUST - ClockworkLady (Black)  
RONSEM* Knee High Boots 

:FY: Squishy Bat 04  (Gatcha) ~The Thrift Shop 3.0~
[LF]Peeking Blindfold Purple (Gatcha)  ~The Thrift Shop 3.0~


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