I am no saint.....

[Buzz] Celestial Eyes - Ice  @Kustom9
.Birdy. Dreamer Skin - Pure - Exclusive
+Spellbound+ Jezebel // Monochromes
. inhale . Fuck Off Slink Tatts
[whatever] Teeth 2.0 - GemPiercing @TDRFusion

Goth1c0: Wicca - High Waist Leggings 
*Reign.- Monarch Heels- Black

[Haste] Pocket Harness Black
Luas Iballa Bracers, Pauldrons & Crown Purple
*May's Soul* Ave maria black @We<3RP
- .HoD. - Deardriu Face Paints & Piercing @We<3RP
[][]Trap[][] Riven Wings White/Black @We<3RP
[The Forge] Twisted Collar, Black @We<3RP
:Z.S: Spiked Posture Collar - Black @Distric5 SinCity


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