The Colors Dude!! The COLORS!

Gawd!! I just want to dance and sing this song at full possible voice volume looool!! Well moving along my crazy music jitters hehehe.
Alright so new stuff out! *w* Gawd I honestly need to find a better way of doing all the promotion part, because that is what takes most of time u_u Anyways! lets get to it. Two new Jersey's out both so adorably cute :3 and in so many colors to choose from. Also we got some crazy dorky leggings also in various colors. Last but not least some cute blouses with colors that will probably make you puke rainbows hahahaha
Don't forget to go and check out meh store ♥w♥ on the marketplace and now I have an awesome group on Fb!!! Go check it out!!! Do eeeeet! and don't forget to LIKE IT! xDD!


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